Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Favourite Gift

Okay, despite all that generous, handmade, recycled stuff, this is what really got our kids VERY excited. Good one, Daddy! Today we welcomed Nanny home from hospital after her big big heart attack, and then took the boat for a spin at the beach near her place with Cousin Kai, who, it has to be said, was an excellent and patient passenger, despite jumping overboard several times.

For Jimmy, it was like a moving jumping castle, and quite a test of skill to stay upright.

However, it was a bit lame compared with this.

Afterwards, there was plenty of good-natured water play back at Nanny's, with Jimmy happily being the victim of a solid soaking.

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  1. The beach does look lovely there. I can imagine my children would LOVE a boat like that as well! Poor little Jimmy in the last picture - at least it's warm & he'll dry off!


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