Monday, November 16, 2009

Watermelon and Waterslides

Ah, watermelon. Isn't this what summer is all about? Kees was very excited about eating it, and, as you can see, couldn't wait for me to chop it. Anyway, it's much more fun to just bury your face in that cool, sweet, juicy flesh. Chomp! Jimmy definitely agreed.

We had a great day yesterday at the local waterpark. Was this your favourite thing when you were a kid? Waterslides!! Do you guys remember "Wild Waters"? The one that had the magical giant tap and the big crocodile? We used to LOVE IT there. Stace, we are thinking of you all moving house in the snow. Too bad you moved back to Canada.....heehee.
The reason we went to the waterpark was to make good on our voucher we gave Kees and Jimmy's cousins last Christmas. You know how I feel about the crazy consumerist madness at this time, with the kids ending up with a million presents and not appreciating them enough. So, each year, as a present, we give the cousins a voucher for a "Family Fun Day" to be redeemed. (Yes, very shabby that it took us this long to go!) I would love to hear any of your ideas: how do you feel about your children receiving many gifts and have you done anything about it? Or come to terms with it?


  1. Priceless moments - just love the photo's of them eating the watermelon!!

  2. Yes, we are still waiting for "family fun day present "christmas 2009.
    Hmmm. Callum and Tom


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