Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our Home

This afternoon, as I went walking, I gazed at this feat of engineering, almost completed, and wondered ... how will this new bridge to our quiet peninsula affect us? What changes will we see in the next five, ten, twenty years? Good and bad, I guess. But the days when the big pine tree was the tallest thing at Woody Point are long gone.


  1. Hi
    I found your blog through Martine's - she's good friends with one of my sisters.
    We used to live on the peninsula there - it should be good with a new bridge.
    I've been reading your blog & I can so relate with the fruit bowl - my boys always drive me crazy with half eaten fruit - in fact I put it in the fridge & cut off the eaten part for them for morning tea the next day.
    Will visit again
    Renata :)

  2. Congratulations, you got the photo's and text thingo sorted - well done.


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