Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quiet Play

Kees watches a little bit of telly, but I would like it to be even more limited and encourage more quiet play. I find that I set something up, he plays with it for five minutes, then loses interest. I can keep repeating this with a range of activities, which is really nice time spent with Kees, but what do you do when you need a straight half hour to get stuff done? I would love to hear your children's favourite quiet play activities. What I'm after is a little more of this (above) and a little less of.......


  1. Cath, I love the jumping on the couch photo:) hmmm...quiet play, that's a hard one....sandpit?? Maybe?? Hope your having a great day! I'm loving your blog:)

  2. Quiet play?????? We are really into art in this house - the boys are both loving drawing at the moment. I can even get half an hour to an hour out of Sam finally. The other thing that entertains Sam is not quiet but frees me up - he puts on his roller blades and skate all over the house. Apart from the occasional scuff marks, its great! What about one of those balls on a stick and you hit with a bat?


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