Monday, June 1, 2015

Our New Caravan! Maiden Voyage to Mapleton

On the weekend, we went to Mapleton to test out our new caravan. We got there at about 3 o'clock and we set up our caravan and Mum and Dad had a cup of tea. We were really excited to have a Milo after the hour and a half trip. We had a lot of Milos on our weekend. We went to a park that had a skate park but we didn't bring our scooters so we pretended we already had scooters and we ran up the jumps and that. 

At night we played we played Uno and Jimmy nearly won and Kase had so many cards because he got heaps of Draw 2 and Draw 4. We had tuna pasta for dinner. Then we had a hot shower and got ready for bed. It was so comfy and cosy in our bed.

The next day we had more Milo and bacon and eggs. After that, we went to play in the leaves and I loved it. Then we went to a boring walk at Kondalilla Falls. The only good part was climbing on the rocks. At least we got to go the pub for lunch. 

And then later, Mum and Dad made us go on another boring walk but we did get to go to the skate park again and we had sausages and coleslaw for dinner. I like Mapleton.

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