Sunday, May 3, 2015


I hope you had a wonderful Easter! Now that I'm having a little blogging frenzy, I'll post a few photos from our recent Easter which involved lots of cuteness, fun, anxiety about perpetuating a lie (about the Easter bunny) and me trying really hard to be relaxed about the amount of chocolate being consumed. I think I must've had a sort of panicky grimace on my face. And then Matt and me eating lots of chocolate when the kids were in bed. 

Look at these cuties playing hide the eggs and not eating any because they had to wait for Easter. So much joy! And delayed gratification! That's character building, right?

Our decorated Easter table:

Jimmy gets SO into Easter, I just love it.

All the gorgeous cousins:

Our Easter cake. Nanny Alison loved it and raved about it until she found out that Matt had baked it. Then she said, "Well actually, Matt, if I was going to say one thing, it could have been a bit more moist. But other than that you did a good job." 

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