Sunday, December 23, 2012

More Adventing...Christmas Wreath

Today we made a truly Australian wreath which we all love.

It is made of Bottle-Brush, whose weeping branches lent themselves beautifully to being woven.
We simply wound them around a coat-hanger we'd bent into a circle. It was very pleasant to sit outside in the breeze, under the Bottle-Brush tree, making something pretty with my boys.

I especially enjoyed watching their concentration as they persisted with threading baubles and tying knots. Jimmy created his own extension activity: decorating Matt's trailer for him.

Another lovely plant for our Australian Christmas is the Beach Cherry, a pretty little bush with gorgeous red sweet-tasting berries. Ours has been fruiting well all December and we've been enjoying the little treats hidden in its branches.

Wishing you many sweet treats!

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