Sunday, December 23, 2012

Candy Cane Day

The kids were very excited when their Advent stocking for the day said "Candy Cane Day"!

First we did a very simple (a bit boring) experiment where we soaked the candy canes in water to see what happened. They dissolved and the water turned pink.

Next we watched this interesting video about how candy canes are made. We watched it several times and the kids enjoyed it.

After that, we smashed up some candy canes in a bag with a meat mallet, then put the crumbles into star shapes which we baked in the oven. I think we left them in too long....

...but it was fun. We hung them on the tree and they looked quite nice, but in the humidity they melted and dripped everywhere which attracted lots of ants.

And we hardly ate any because I've grown very suspicious of red colouring and it's influence on children's behaviour! Sorry kids!

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