Sunday, December 9, 2012

Advent Activities are Underway!

 Advent has begun and the stockings are hung, with a little surprise hidden in each one!

Here are some of our activities. I will endeavour to keep up with blogging these through the Advent period, but if you would like some more activity ideas, check here on my Pinterest Christmas board. I am trying to embrace our Summer Christmas, so you definitely won't find any snowmen, but there are a few starfish, shells, cocktail umbrellas and gum leaves in there! Karen is a lovely lady who is also striving to create an authentic Summer/Australian Christmas and she has some beautiful ideas here. Anyway....

 Christmas tree Maths: you can do this as a winning game or just for fun. Also great for fine motor skills.

Christmas Tree playdough - a winner!
 I get so much pleasure from observing the concentration and creativity going on here.

 A slightly nasty-looking creation inspired by the playdough tree...ouch...

 Kinda cool though  ;0)

Back soon with more Advent activities!

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