Saturday, July 30, 2011


I haven't been doing a great deal of sewing lately, except Kees' No. 5 Dragon Hoodie in his birthday post. What I have been trying to catch up with, in occasional bursts, is some mending.

It was pretty satisfying to find I had some leftover robot fabric to make a bag for Robot Snap! Kees enthusiastically tore open the box along with the wrapping paper.

Did you know that yoyos/Suffolk puffs make excellent patches for mending blankets? I happily raided my mother-in-law's stash...

And on the same sweet note, doilies can also be put to good use. This one was a perfect covering when Jimmy burnt a big hole in the couch with a hairdryer. Errr, just noticed how grubby our couch is! I keep fantasising about white couches, but I'd be a fool to get some.

Of course the mending basket still overfloweth, but with Spring in the air, it's time to start some fun and exciting dress sewing!

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