Monday, July 11, 2011

Fairy Treasure Pouches

Our current home schooling theme is "Fairies, Dragons and Magic", so the other day we did felting, with some treasure pouches in mind. It was my first time felting with the children; we used the bubble-wrap method and it was very easy. We all enjoyed playing with the rich and beautiful colours... for a little while anyway, until the boys took off to ride their bikes down the neighbour's driveway.

When the felt was dry, I spent a couple of evenings sewing it into fairy treasure pouches. This was a nice task! I would have liked the kids to help with the sewing, but it was just a little bit too tricky. (Or else I'm a little bit too anal.)
The felt we created was a bit fragile in places, so I used bought felt for the lining, to give support. Things need to be hardy around here!

When the pouches were finished, I put them at each child's place at the table, for them to find in the morning.

When I came down, Jimmy happily called out, "Mama, I got gloves!"

In the garden that night, before bed, we put out some tiny drops of jam, milk and sugar on a dish for the fairies, and laid our treasure pouches nearby to show the fairies...hint, hint...
You wouldn't believe it, but in the morning we found to our excitement that the fairies had come! There was a sprinkling of fairy dust ...
some tiny lollies...
and a beautiful crystal treasure for each boy. Thank you fairies!


  1. their pouches are great and how exciting that the faries came and gave them treasures:)

  2. Cath, the pouches look amazing (and my vote is you are too anal like me, but tricky sounds way better!!!!) Have been thinking of you lots lately. Will have to call you soon to catch up. Big hugs to the kiddies!


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