Friday, July 22, 2011

Feeling Poorly

We've been feeling sick. Two bouts of gastro in two weeks - yuk. I never realised how many disgusting things you get when you have kids: school sores, headlice, ringworm, weird warty things, diarrhoea, vomiting, infected's gross!

We've been spending many days like this. Immobilised. Thank goodness we all got sick at the same time, because that way we could all just lie or sit and do nothing. (Apart from cleaning up the kids' poo. Which, I might add, is quite a task if you already felt like vomiting.) It's a bad situation when you're sick and your kids are full of beans. Bad, bad.

So when Jimmy started picking up, it was time to call in the troops: Grandpa!
Grandpa was worth his weight in gold, playing with Jimmy all day, and in the afternoon, when Kees and I emerged, Grandpa kept everyone enthralled with some good old-fashioned fire play!

Thanks heaps, Dad. I really appreciated it! Maybe I'll be sick again next Friday....

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