Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mr Cool

Wow, check out Mr Cool. Being cool is pretty important to this four year old. "Was that cool, Mum?" "Do I look cool, Jim?" are popular refrains around here. And how on earth do they work out that wearing their hats backwards is cool? What else is cool? Motorbike shirts, definitely, the bmx jump track, for sure. I am working on the very PC: "Everyone is cool in their own way, dear. You decide if you feel cool; you don't need to ask somebody else," etc etc.
Anyway, Mr Cool really lost his cool when Mummy and Daddy doled out a little "consequence". I can't even remember what the offence was - I think doing something naughty and then lying about it - but the punishment was an indignant, "No dessert for you, young man!" Well, okay, just a tiny dessert then. I wasn't proud of this sort of on-the-spot-food-deprivation punishment, but it just came out, so then I had to follow through. Matt served it up that night; you can see the pieces up there. Oh! It still makes my eyes water with guilty laughter to remember Kees' face! Bottom lip trembling, a little devastated squeaking sound, eyes beginning to was tragic. But so funny. He didn't know we were spying on him. Matt was doubled up with silent laughter. It sounds so mean, doesn't it! But sometimes, us big kids (parents) just need to get a little of our own back. To have a good cacking laugh with Matt was a real release. Judge me if you want, but don't worry, I'll be back to guilt-riddled, anxiety-laden perfection-striving again tomorrow. xx


  1. I love your answer for mr cool:) Looks like yove been buisy making, Your handbag is so pretty!

  2. Hey Cath!! I love this blog post!! Love Martine

  3. Cath, Sam is exactly the same. Every move he makes "I am cool, eh mum?" We had the exact same conversation as you too!!! Funny. At least I have one clueless cool guy and one switched on cool guy. I don't think I could handle 2!!!


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