Friday, April 19, 2013

Koalas and Gutter Children

The other afternoon, we were at our dear friends', playing in the drain, as you do, when we spotted a koala in the backyard!

We all oohed and ahhed at its cuteness, all snuggled up there asleep in the branch.

But later, it climbed down the tree and just sat in the water. We think it must have had chlamydia. We called the wildlife carer who came and took the poor thing. The prognosis wasn't good, I'm afraid. It's so sad.

We went to Alma Park Zoo the other day and they gave us some statistics on the koalas of Brisbane. There are 4000 left and they're dying at a rate of 1000 a year. Horrifying.

So: plant koala food trees, keep your cats and dogs under control and fight for preservation of bush and wildlife corridors. Also put the number of your local vet or wildlife carer in your phone so you can report any sick, injured or dead koalas. xx

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  1. I did know know about the serious and severe decline of koalas...
    I am so sad...
    Is there something that we can do?


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