Friday, April 27, 2012

Welcome, Autumn

Autumn days are finally here! Even though the changes here are subtle, I love autumn. Not many trees turning yellow or red, but lots of flowering paperbarks. No squirrels collecting nuts but we do have beautiful dappled light, cool mornings and crisp evenings: beautiful sunsets followed by lots of stars. Not many blustery winds swirling fallen leaves, but macadamia nuts are ripe and delicious. And I love the cosy, longer evenings. A great time to start learning how to crochet, me thinks!

The beginnings of our autumn table. I made this outrageously easy vase-cosy out of a child's jumper from the op shop. I just snipped off the sleeve and slipped it over a jar with a missing lid.

Just having a nice little space like this cosies up my nights beautifully. Kiss everyone goodnight, a hot shower and warm flannelette jarmies, candlelight, a cup of tea and Miss Marple. I'm in heaven.

Now, I just need a little handwork project to work on...

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  1. Hmmm, I wanna come and live at your house :) aNd I'm def gonna steal that vase idea.
    Love Tam.


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