Saturday, April 21, 2012

Paper Making Day

Back in January, we were lucky enough to be able to attend this free paper-making workshop run by groovy local fibre artist, Lesa Hepburn. You can find out more about Lesa here and here. This is the kind of thing I've really learnt to take advantage of as a home educator. Anything that has educational value, any opportunity to try something new, we grab it with both hands!

I loved watching the children concentrating and being taught by someone passionate about her art.
At first, all Jimmy wanted to do was steal all the shiny baubles off the big Christmas tree, so I was glad when he realised he could get a bit messy, and joined in.

You can see where I had to chop that Whoopy Putty out of his hair.

At the end of the morning, we ended up with some beautiful handmade paper to use for some special cards. Thanks, Lesa!

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