Friday, December 9, 2011

Couch Cuties


  1. Hi Catherine
    I love your bright, colourful lounge room! And especially the little cuties hiding in the picture :)
    Have a great weekeend

  2. that first photo of your boys is such a nice one! My day care children like to hide in pillow cubbys too. That book you read sounds great! My rabbit so badly wants to be friends with my cat but unfortunately the cat will have no part of it:( its a shame, it would be so cute if they were friends. When my parents looked after the rabbit for a week he apparently played with their neighbours cat, I wish I was there to see it. Ive found the same that everything Steiner is made for the northern hemisphere. It makes things tricky at times but I guess we could say it just forces us to be extra creative. Ive done a new post on summery christmas decorations, im slowly coming up with fun ideas


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