Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hello! I'm sorry I haven't blogged for SOOO long. Our computer has been updated to Windows 7; it is absolutely hopeless for photos. (I realise it could be me that's hopeless.) I have also lost many, many photos - more than six months' worth - that were supposedly saved onto external hard drive. It is driving me nuts. Is anyone using Windows 7? Can anyone give me a clue or is it really as bad as I think? It's very difficult to keep up a blog with this program. Eugghh. Anyway, as you can see, things are pretty normal round here. xx

PS: Tamara, don't worry about your bald spot; have a look at the bottom photo on that gardening post. I've got one too!! How funny is that! Must be my camera. I'm going with that. ;0)

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