Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Barbecue and a Fairy House

I don't know about you, but my kids and I usually need to get out with some company most mornings. Today we had a nice morning planned, going out with friends, but then they .... cancelled! I went into a little panic, dithering about what we would do now, and would we all drive each other nuts? Would the kids start to bicker or mess up the house, or would I find my patience starting to ebb? (If you know what I mean.) Would I succumb to that very convenient evil of evils: television?

No! I packed up a basket of things along the lines of our Autumn theme and we headed off to the park. I like to pretend we live in the country and this is our "back paddock". ;0)
We sat on the green grass and read a couple of echidna books, then we coloured our cardboard echidnas. We glued pine needle "spines" on to make them complete.

We wondered about mushrooms...are they edible? I'm really curious to find out more about them. This one looks a bit like a nipple.

With the art and craft all over in about two minutes, it was time for some serious play.
Jimmy put on his man voice and serious working frown and got down to business cooking pretend sausages on his pretend barbecue.

Kees became engrossed in building his fairy house, and I enjoyed that too.

Altogether, we had the most lovely morning. By the time we mosied home we'd been out for two hours; it was a really peaceful and rewarding way to spend time with my little ones. Everyone always says how short this time is, when they're tiny, so I want to make the most of it. xx

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