Sunday, March 20, 2011

Slimy Day

The kids loved this birthday gift so much....
that we just had to experience slime for ourselves!
I felt quite smug about my organisation: outside, all clothes off, individual slime bowls, individual buckets of warm water with a cloth each for washing off....
but when Matt got home, he still said, "What on earth happened here?" (Or it was something like that.)
Yes, well. They did really enjoy it though. They got a good half hour out of this activity.
It is SO easy: cornflour, water and food colouring. Doesn't it remind you of You Can't Do That On Television????

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  1. Zai actually made this the other day out of one of his science books (think it was a Richard Hammond one) - it was exactly the same colour & although he didn't roll in it, he sure did manage to coat the kitchen in it (that's what I get for leaving an 8 year old to experiment on his own in my kitchen)!
    Looks like your boys had loads of fun!


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