Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Little Advent Socks

Ooh, sweet little Advent socks, how I love your cuteness! Even if you took me a while to make and weren't ready until the 9th of December, I still like you. All 24 of you.

I have found a secret supplier of many vintage Golden Books (a bag for a dollar) and I just love their sweet illustrations. This one was perfect for tracing numbers for the Advent socks.

In the socks, I am putting an occasional sweet, some Christmas activities like baking gingerbread, and some suggestions for kind deeds. Thank you Martine, for this great idea.
I always enjoyed opening the little windows on my Advent calendar as a child, but it's hard to find nice ones these days. Children find it hard to wait such a long time until Christmas, and I hope this will help put it into perspective. And I also hope it will help Kees learn his numbers, then we'll be ahead a bit on next year's lessons. One day I would love to make a calendar like this beautiful one, but I think I need to keep sane this year.


  1. Awww Cath your calendar is beautiful. Great idea. One of my friends here puts little activities in hers as well, like on the 8th the make a gingerbread house or hang the wreath on the front door, or read a special chrissy book etc I had high aspirations to make so much this year and got nothing done. A bit of an overwhelming year this year but there is always next year, right?! I am glad Mum got your prezzie to you and you had a nice little visit. It was hard to see mum go but Grant is coming in a few days so busy getting ready for that. Will post soon on the blog - maybe next year :)

  2. Cath - so beautiful!! I love your advent calendar! Gorgeous!! Hope your well!
    Love Martine

  3. Hi Cath
    I love your advent calender & you'll have these for many years ahead! Love the idea of putting activities in each one!
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your precious family!

  4. Those little sockies are so cute.


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