Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dancing: NO. Embroidery: YES!

At the Kindy Christmas celebration, almost all the kids had a great time! When it was time to sing and dance, they all jumped around and shook their little booties. Except one. Who was totally awkward and not into dancing at all? Why, the son of a dance teacher, of course! Yes, I've given up any idea of my firstborn following in my shoes in that department. But....he does love to sew!
Kees embroidered the lavender bags above for his teachers, with minimal help from me. I made the pencil cases. Even Jimmy can now push the needle in, turn the material, and pull the needle through, which I found surprising. I think the embroidery hoop really helps a lot, and I make sure I have a few needles ready-threaded so I can quickly knot off and get them going on their next colour. Any delays and they start jumping on the couch.

I'll leave you today with another shot from the Kindy party: Kees sneakily trying to have a look down his teacher's top. I saw you, cheeky! xx

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  1. I love the little pencil cases! hmm, maybee Jimmy will be more into dancing lol:) You know that little dutch girl doll in a photo a few posts ago? Would you believe I got one exactly the same for my 5th birthday (not that its exactly the same now, I pulled off the clogs and they were glued on so well that half the feet snapped off;)Thanks for letting me know about the star fruit, im going to try one next time I see one.


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