Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Moment of Peace #2

This was my latest sacrifice for five minutes of peace: the sewing machine cover. Yes, I know, it could've been wayyyy worse. I got off easy. Jimmy loose with fabric scissors in my sewing room? Yikes! Could have been a disaster. So I'm not too worried about this one - I'll just turn it around.

Actually, the only reason I'm getting the time to write this is because I gave Jimmy a lit incense stick to play with outide. He is fascinated by the smoke! Hahahah! Such a bad mother!
Oh no, he was actually squashing a banana! Nooooo! Not wasting food!


  1. :)) looks like Jimmy is having lots of adventures Cath! Love it! :))

  2. Sounds like you're having fun there! It does get easier - I promise!!
    Have a great day


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