Monday, September 13, 2010

The Way Home From the Snow - Really!

Prepare for many photos - it was a holiday, after all, and so hard to pick and choose!
After catching up with family in Sydney (thank you Kerryn, Nick and Mia), we headed towards the coast and home, through beautiful countryside which was still nice and chilly.

But, after all that cooooolld weather, it actually was wonderful to hit the beach!
It was great to see more family in Dunbogan - thank you John and Nola.

Then on to this lovely spot, Sapphire, just north of Coffs. I would love to go here again in April or May for a group holiday if anyone is interested? The holiday park was excellent, and there was lots for the kids to do, with rocks, headlands, dunes, and water.
A moment of peace for Kees :0)

Who can resist the magic of Byron?
It's always nice to visit this place where we spent the first six months of our married life.

The sun set over Wollumbin accompanied by a very cool drum jam which Jimmy totally loved. I can't wait to see where his interest in music takes him. He must get it from you, Ben!
And after a truly scrumptious brekkie (and a spot of shopping for Mummy), we headed off home. Sigh! Until next time.

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