Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Way Home From the Snow: Delay!

Ah yeah, well, we had just packed up ALL (a lot) of our stuff to leave the snow, and hauled it down the two flights of stairs. Matt walked the twenty minutes to get the car and I waited behind with the kids, doing my best to keep them occupied inside for the third day of rain. I was thinking Matt was taking a while when he rang to tell me the car wouldn't start!!!! Oh boy. This was hard news to hear, but we tried to stay positive while we waited for the RACV.

Unfortunately, the news wasn't good, the car got towed down the mountain and we caught the bus down the next day. Nice weather for it!

We had really been feeling a bit trapped up in the snow with all the rain; trying to keep the kids happy in a small apartment was pretty tricky, especially young Jimmy. Even though it was still raining when we arrived down at Mt Beauty, it was just so refreshing to be able to get out for a walk along the river. It really was beautiful. And nice and cold!
The unstoppable puddle stompers.
We spent a few days in Mt Beauty, eating out, playing Fusbal in the local pub, walking and watching movies ("Ice Age", of course), until Matt had a go at the car himself....and started it.
This made us giddy with happiness and bitter with resentment.
If Matt could start it, why couldn't the bloody mechanic work it out?
But Mt Beauty charmed us with her loveliness....
until we packed up and took off north!
PS: Jimmy cried really loudly in the bus for ages, and I had to keep shouting out, "Sorry, everyone!" Then he vomited all over me. ;0) xx


  1. Beeutiful piccy's Cath :) Such a lovely family holiday even with slight alterations to intended itinary.
    love Tam

  2. What beautiful pictures & a lovely place!
    Glad you got home safely - car trouble on holidays is such a pain!
    Have a lovely day

  3. Thanks Tam and Renata! Ah yes, the best laid plans always go astray, right? xx


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