Monday, June 7, 2010

Warm Colours

I LOVE WINTER! No more sweat bath and no more mozzies! Hallelujah. Goodness me, I just can't get enough of that cold wind and these beautiful warm colours. We're in the subtropics and deciduous trees are pitifully rare; how I yearn for a proper autumn and winter with glorious seasonal changes. I recently read a compelling theory which argued that many of us recent (just a few generations) immigrants to Australia are still adapting to being in the "wrong" hemisphere. Our genes have seasonal expectations that aren't being met! Perhaps that's why I feel the urge to fill my home with orange, red, brown and yellow, and seek these colours when we're out in the lovely fresh weather. In a sunny bedroom...

at a romantic sunset wedding...
or smelling marigolds at the Botanic Gardens...
or stopping by the op shop (for a look - ha!). These were my purchases the other day and I am in love with this little lady. I don't love this word, but I have to say: isn't she adorable? She is a sweet little wind-up music box from 1973, the same year as my car. You just can't beat that old-school stuff for cuteness. I know possessions shouldn't make me so happy. ;o)
I would love to know what's warming the cockles of your heart this week? How are your genes adapting?


  1. Cath, beautifully written love! I guess we are in opposite seasons and we are supposed to be basking in the glory of the sun. But alas, it has been raining, and raining, and raining for weeks now. I definately believe in the rythym of nature and the seasons are divine!!! I love looking forward to the next season and appreciating the present one as I know it only last for a few months. Maybe you guys just need to move here.....great seansons, even greater friends :) Oh, where are you going to put your adorable little lady?
    PS Jimmy looks so big and squishy and lovely!
    Much love xoxoxo

  2. Oh love, poor you with all that rain. Kinda reminds me of the summer we spent in Canada....hahahah. We'll be there again one day! Yes, Jimmy is squishy and lovely, and I'm appreciating that cause I know it too won't last long. The little lady has pride of place on a HIGH shelf! xx

  3. I love your op shop finds - that girl sure is adorable!
    Our winter is cold down here & since I've been in the subtropics most of my life, I really don't like the cold (I didn't even used to enjoy winter in Brissy).
    Your pictures are beautiful


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