Saturday, June 12, 2010

That Good Old Chook Pen

Sorry about this photo. I forgot to add it in my original post and I added it late, which makes it come up as the first photo, and now it's mucked up the continuity of my story. Anyway, this is Jimmy being a pest with my knitting needles and skewering a banana with them. (Stacey, that's not a poo on the couch, it's some goldy-brown wool. But check out the man's dribble!) So, to begin....

Our chooks have been absolutely worth their weight in gold: wonderful layers, patient pets and engrossing entertainment for little ones. I'm so glad that Jimmy has reached an important milestone: he is brave enough to go pottering about in the chook pen by himself. This is excellent news for me because now I can lock him in there and get on with some important work....

Knitting. I do enjoy knitting because it is relaxing, it keeps me "in the moment" (I have to concentrate so hard) and it keeps my hands warm. However I am very slow at knitting. A more mature lady who once helped me said, "Here, give it to me, I can't stand watching you; it's like watching paint dry!"

This is the project that's on my needles right now. It's going to be (I hope - fingers crossed) a sort of elf hat for Kees. The trouble with this project is that I have a strong sense of futility and foreboding while I'm making it; I bet he will try it on once, say, "It's too scratchy/hot/tight", throw it on the ground and run away, never to wear it again. Then I'll try it on Jimmy and he won't bother saying anything, he'll just throw in on the ground and run away. And if it's that bad, I won't even be able to give it away as a gift, and then countless hours (and hours and hours, I'm slow, remember) will have been wasted. Therefore, I am trying to just enjoy the process, moment by moment. Can you tell I'm reading my second fill of "Buddhism for Mothers"? What a wonderful series of books. xx


  1. Don't worry Cath, you're a great knitter.

  2. Oh my darling Catherine! You are so wonderful. Soon you will be knitting up a storm with all the old, judgemental ladies!! And they will have to choke on their Anzac biscuits when they see how far you have come. But until then, just pour all your love into every stitch and like you say, be mindful of the process. Perhaps your boys will love it, perhaps they won't, but the perfect little head will come along and love it - believe that. I know 2 boys in a colder country that would appreciate it - you know, if it gets to that :)

  3. PS Just so you know - that is exactly what I was thinking...oh gross...Cath has poo on her couch now!!!!!!! hahahahahahahaha

    And I LOVE the pic of Jimmy in the chook pen....I miss my chooks *sigh*

  4. Thanks so much for the encouragement love, and I will definitely be posting that hat over to you if these kids won't have a bar of it! Love to you my girl!

  5. Thanks for visiting me both in person at the stall at Hayes inlet and in bloggy land too. I am a real bird lover, so am mindful of keeping him indoors.(his name is Tripataka black ears!!)
    I would love to get chookys. I love the look of your knitted elf hat-maybe try lining it inside or if that sounds too hard you can also rinse it in water with lots of conditioner mixed through, this reduces itchiness. I have 2 of those buddhism for mums books too-love em!

  6. That hat looks wonderful & I'm always amazed at anyone who can knit because it's something I never learnt (I'd love to learn now, but it scares me)!
    Your boy is so cute & that skewered banana is gorgous -bet he was enjoying it.
    Hope you're going well - sorry it's been a while since I've caught up on your blog, but I intend to now!
    Have fun


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