Sunday, April 19, 2015

Green Mountains Camping Trip

We went to Green Mountains with Grandma and Grandpa. We camped in a tent. I climbed a humongous strangler fig tree which was hollow. I learnt to tie my own shoelaces. We made friends in the campground and we played hunting bush turkey rump. We went for a long walk to the waterfalls and Grandma gave us a chocolate at the end because we did a very long walk. By Jimmy.

I liked camping at Green Mountains. I liked playing with all the friends we made around the campsite. We saw lots of cute pademelons. They're like these kangaroo type things, just a bit smaller. And we saw a really big brush tail possum just near our tent. A bird flew onto my shoulder and did a poop on my shirt and for Jimmy, it did a poop on his head. I caught a Lamington Spiny Cray with my bare hands and I almost caught an eel but it was too slippery. I'm the one with the red hat. We camped but our Grandma and Grandpa stayed in a hotel room. The camping toilets stunk so I had to wait until 9am so I could use Grandma's toilet. We used their spa and the sauna too. I loved staying up with Dad, having a cup of tea and looking at the stars. I got freaked out climbing up the treetop ladder because it was so high. I dropped a boulder on my toe; it was extremely painful. The bandage on my toe was so big I had to wear Mum's joggers for our bushwalk and I was so embarrassed. At night our tent was cold and stunk like farts and Jimmy weed the bed for another thing, so now Mum wants to get a caravan. By Kees.

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