Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Magpie's Gift

On arriving home from a Big Morning recently, a lovely music caught my was the song of a Magpie, singing for all he was worth, right outside our window. We all stopped in our tracks, tiptoed over, pulled up chairs and enjoyed the concert.

For me, this is such a quintessential sound of Australia. If it's not familiar to you, you can listen to a short Magpie call here on Youtube. Stacey, soon you'll be hearing that lovely Magpie song again!

He sang for ages; for all the world it felt like he was doing it just for the sheer pleasure it gave him. And it certainly brought us a lot of pleasure too.  Thank you, Mr Magpie, for your special gift to us. You brought a beautiful spell of peace and calm to us all.

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  1. Sooooooo looking forward to hearing that sound again. Will have to pull our Magpie book out and re-educate Harry and Sam :)


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