Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chinatown Mornings

One of our nice little family outings is a morning in Chinatown, en route to an afternoon at

Mum and Dad's.

There's a bit of fun for everyone. The kids really like to play on the aggressive motorbike games and touch all the gun toys (yay, guns!) at the market stalls. I love a very rushed glimpse at the markets, before Matt gets fed up with the kids touching everything, and Matt loves the live music and ....

food, glorious food!

Our regular haunts are Thai Wi Rat (off-putting name, I know) and a new Korean place. Yum.

Look at those piggies stuffing their little faces.

It's a really great outing if you love food but your children are a bit naughty - I mean active - because they can run around the mall while you finish your meal. You can pretend you're on a date, and actually have a short conversation with your partner! Until they start trying to catch the goldfish, anyway. Or balance along the waterfall.

We always finish up with a trip to the Asian grocery where we choose a wacky ice-cream and pick up a few supplies. I didn't buy this though:

as I would apply caution before partaking in "savoury and spicy bottom material". Mystifying. Curious. Intriguing.

Loaded up and ready to carry on to our next destination: a little kip at Mum and Dad's. ;0)


  1. Must do this. The girls have been asking about Chinatown. Thanks for the food tips!

  2. Can I come over for some bottom material? Will you cook it up for me? Puhleese?
    luv Tam


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