Sunday, August 21, 2011


Ahh, nits. Does the fun never end? But Jimmy looked so cute having his hair treated, I had to post his photos. He looks like one of those little trolls. I once had a pencil with a troll head on the end, and when you quickly rolled it between your hands, the hair all stood out. I loved that pencil. Anyway, thanks, Rachel, for your detection and thorough treatment! xx


  1. Hi Cath!
    Reminds me of a photo from days past: in the bathtub, with siblings, our shampoo-sudsy hair fashioned into a massive spike on the top of the head (just because we could)!
    So nice to catch up on your blog!

  2. Hope the nits have gone for you Cath! Jimmy looks so cute :)) Nits are awful hey! When I was a teacher they seemed to love my hair!! Hope your well!
    Love Martine

  3. Hi Catherine
    I hope the nits have gone for you guys - not fun. He does look so cute - I had one of those pencils as well!!
    Have a lovely week


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